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We offer a comprehensive vendor product portfolio and systems solutions that are already compatible to the next generation of service assurance and security assurance solutions. Maintaining the most up-to-date mobility security posture is of primary importance for any mission-critical network, armed with secured shield. Our knowledgeable experts go the extra mile to ensure a successful outcome for every implementation.

Placing A.I under the Oxygen umbrella and portfolio of products and services allows Oxygen Middle East to both intensify and complement our focus on visual-related technology practice for our integrator partners. At Oxygen, we are more aligned to help integrators establish and expand their Artificial Intelligence practices as well as capitalize on convergence, all while enabling them to break into new, complementary technologies and vertical markets to create net new business opportunities.

Khalid Laban

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Khalid Laban - CEO Founded Oxygen DMCC in 2008,empowered Cyber Security & Mobility Solutions that can securely work from anywhere, anytime while ensuring a convenient, secure and compliant mobility. Our solutions enable secure access to data, voice and video applications across wireless and wire line enterprise networks, along with providing the striking a balance between functionality and IT security which is critical to a successful strategy to help ensure that the organization’s data is safe and protected.